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Homeward - Sally Loughridge

Homeward by Sally Loughridge. Learn more about this and other featured artwork.

New Hope for Women offers support to people in Sagadahoc, Lincoln, Knox and Waldo Counties affected by domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking, and provides educational resources to assist our communities in creating a safer and healthier future.

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To assist women, men, their children, friends, family, and all people affected by domestic and dating violence, we offer the following services;

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To aid in educating our community, providing awareness, and preventing domestic and dating violence, we offer the following prevention services;


“I will never forget the Christmas you gave my children and me."
Posted: 11/30/2016“I will never forget the Christmas you gave my children and me. I will never forget opening my mail to find a gift certificate to get my hair cut—I just sat and cried—someone still found me worthwhile!” 
— Former client of New Hope for Women

For more than a decade, businesses and individuals have been adopting a client family during the holidays.  Information is shared about age, gender, interests,...
Thankful for Non-profits
Posted: 10/20/2016

My 50th birthday is coming up right after Thanksgiving, and as I reflected on my half-century of being alive, I realized I have dedicated over half of my life working in the non-profit sector. Working for non-profits has both rewards and challenges. The biggest rewards for me have been working with other colleagues and organizations to devise solutions to difficult problems that exist for people in my community. Being able to step in to help...

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December 18th Nor'easters Barbershop Chorus Christmas Benefit Concert at Bath United Methodist Church
Posted: 11/18/2016Nor’easters Barbershop Chorus will be performing at the Bath United Methodist Church on Sunday, December 18th at 3:00 pm as a Christmas benefit concert to support New Hope For Women's services in Bath.   The Nor'easters, directed by Kathy Robitaille, performs regularly in the Midcoast region,...
Giving Starts At Home fundraiser at Home Kitchen Cafe, now through Christmas
Posted: 12/05/2016This year, Home Kitchen Cafe’s 6th annual “Giving Starts at Home” fundraiser will benefit New Hope for Women and Area Interfaith Outreach Adopt a Backpack Program.
From now until Christmas, the front of house staff at Home Kitchen Cafe are gathering $5 donations from patrons—and each donation qualifies...
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