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Important New Hope for Women COVID-19 information.

Due to COVID-19, New Hope for Women has concluded that it is best to temporarily suspend all in-person services. We are making sure that our helpline is available to everyone 24/7. This can be a scary time, and we are here for you at 1-800-522-3304.

Blog / Thankful for Non-profits

Thankful for Non-profits

My 50th birthday is coming up right after Thanksgiving, and as I reflected on my half-century of being alive, I realized I have dedicated over half of my life working in the non-profit sector. Working for non-profits has both rewards and challenges. The biggest rewards for me have been working with other colleagues and organizations to devise solutions to difficult problems that exist for people in my community. Being able to step in to help children, youth, and adults is truly a privilege. The greatest challenge for me working in non-profits is frankly, job security. With insecure funding or funding for special projects that is not sustainable, I have been in a place of needing to look for work on occasion. The time and energy spent in securing funding is an important piece of work for non-profits but often is not recognized as being a critical aspect of keeping a non-profit’s door open. As I reflect on my work, I would like others to know how important non-profits are to communities.

  • Non-profits really do a lot. They focus our efforts and actually do something about trying to solve social issues.
  • Non-profits often provide safe spaces for individuals to talk about their struggles and get the help they need to be productive members of society.
  • Non-profits help “connect the dots.” They create information and resources that help individuals move in a forward direction.
  • Non-profits work across sectors to come up with creative solutions to complex community problems.
  • Non-profits employ a lot of people, and these people in turn contribute to their local economy.
  • Non-profit staff often give more time and effort than what they are paid. They go above and beyond to help others, often giving up time with their family and friends to be there for others.

So, as I reflect those things in my life that I am thankful for, non-profits rise to the top. I hope they do for you, too. If you do give to a non-profit, please know that your donation really does make a difference.


Nan Simpson, Deputy Director, New Hope for Women